Rowan Garel To Dive Belize Great Blue Hole

Posted on Monday, July 1st, 2013

A visually impaired youth of Belize accomplishes the extraordinary . . . again. This time he is set to dive the Great Blue Hole. Meet Rowan Garel. Rowan-1-225x300

Fifteen year old Rowan Garel may be visually impaired, but his vision and passion more than compensate. He has scaled the highest peak in Belize, Mt. Victoria, and walked across the country, 92 miles. Now he is preparing to dive the Great Blue Hole.

The story of a young and heroic blind teenager has captured our attention and captivated the hearts of thousands across Belize, Larry France, the Marketing Manager of Chabil Mar, tells us. He talks about Rowan’s latest adventure.

“In March 2011, Rowan Garel became the first visually impaired person to make it to the summit of Victoria Peak and in April of 2012 he set out to walk across the country. I only heard of Rowan and his accomplishments in February of this year, but was immediately inspired.  And now, Chabil Mar has decided to co-sponsor his Blue Hole adventure and I will have the thrill and privilege of diving the Blue Hole with Rowan.”

“I am not only in awe of this young man’s courage and fortitude, but when I spoke with him I gained even more respect for this extraordinary young man when he told me, “My motivation is not, Oh you’re Rowan, you climbed Victoria Peak, you walked across Belize. I’m not interested in that.  What I’m interested in is raising funds and awareness for the only program in Belize that deals with blind or visually impaired people and they have a rehab program which is completely free of cost.  Take that away and all the blind people, like myself, will just be behind with everything, there would be no one there to help them along and that is what motivates me.”

“And Rowan proceeded to tell me more about that organization, the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired, I was struck with his story immediately.”

“So, we began our efforts to support Rowan in two ways, through sponsoring the Blue Hole Dive and creating a Belize vacation adventure package in conjunction with Amber Sunset Resort, in the Cayo district of Belize, from which a percentage of guests purchase will be donated to BCVI.” Blue Hole Chabil Mar Belize Resort

“I am privileged to represent a resort in Belize that is so supportive of Rowan’s efforts. It is with great pride for me personally, that I get to assist in introducing Rowan Garel to the world, an exceptional youth of courage, determination and grit, who in his own words says, “I would really like to send the message that blind or visually impaired people can do anything that normal sighted people can.”

The Blue Hole Dive is set for July 14.



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