Placencia Assassins on their way to finals in Belize Premier League

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2016

After an exciting weekend of football in Belize, two teams remain standing and are heading to the finals in the Belize Premier League. Notably, the Placencia Assassins beat the Police United in a very heated game, and they will take on the Belmopan Bandits FC in the finals in the near future.

On Saturday, the Placencia Assassins went head to head against Police United at Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town. The first score of the game came when Dalton Eiley of the Assassins took advantage of a penalty opportunity, and the excitement built up as Byron Usher answered the call and tied the game with a penalty shot for the Assassins. Harrison Roches scored a second point for the Police, but it was not enough. Both Kareem Haylock and Gilbert Swazo scored for the Assassins, but the game when into overtime. With no additional goals scored during overtime, a penalty shootout answered the question of who would win this showdown. Both teams scored equal goals initially, but it was Police United who missed their penalty shot in the shootout. Placencia-assassins

The Assassins will meet the Belmopan Bandits FC in the finals. The Bandits beat BDF FC on Sunday at the MCC stadium in Belize City. In this game, the first score of the game took place in the first half by Elroy Smith of the Bandits during a penalty shot. The only other score of the game was by Leon Cadle of the BDF team. This tied the game at 1-1, which was the game ending score. This tie was all that was needed to move the Bandits FC into the finals to meet the Assassins.

The Assassins worked hard all season to reach this incredible accomplishment, and this includes the intense work by Prince Baca. Prince Baca is a long-time employee and server at Chabil Mar and the resort wishes to congratulate him and the entire Placencia Assassins team on their accomplishment.

Chabil Mar boasts a fabulous location in the heart of Placencia and is widely known as one of the top resorts in Belize for both adventure-minded travelers and visitors who are interested in kicking back and relaxing on their vacation.

An Un-Belize-able Good Time

Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


Visitors to the Central American tropical nation of Belize soon find themselves getting into the laidback rhythm of the place with bad puns and local sayings about everything running on “Belize time”. There’s just something unique about this tiny country with miles of gorgeous Caribbean coastline that makes for an unforgettable vacation.

“Last year, we were vacationing in Mexico and planned on just spending one day in Belize,” said Curtis Orange of Elmsford, New York. “But the people were so friendly and welcoming that my wife and I ended up staying an entire week. We can’t wait to go back!”

With English as the official language and American dollars accepted everywhere, it’s easy to feel right at home in Belize. But when you’re not sunning yourself on one of the many gorgeous beaches, eating fresh-caught seafood or sipping on a tropical cocktail, there’s plenty to do for the adventure-minded.

One popular inland tour starts at the village of Monkey River in the southern Toledo District. Guests board a boat for a slow cruise up the Monkey River with plenty of wildlife to be seen in all its glory, including the ubiquitous howler monkeys that gave the river its name. A few miles north in Stann Creek District is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. No staid zoo, this huge reserve is perfect for day or week-long hikes to see tropical birds, tapirs and even jaguars in their natural habitat.

scuba diving with whale sharks

For visitors wanting to get in the water, one of the most unique experiences is scuba diving with whale sharks in the southern half of the Belize Barrier Reef. The largest non-whale marine species in the world’s oceans, whale sharks pose little danger to humans and interacting with these four-ton giants is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Although snorkeling is popular all over Belize, one of the finest spots to see a rainbow of marine flora and fauna is the waters around Laughing Bird Caye. The entire area is a national park named for the local species of “laughing” seagull that uses the tiny island as a breeding zone.

Where to Stay in Belize

One additional benefit of staying in Belize is all the fantastic resorts that offer guests luxurious accommodations elegantly integrated in the beautiful natural environment. One of the finest resorts in the country is Chabil Mar on the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize. From a Maya term meaning “beautiful sea”, this beachfront resort features 19 unique villas, a restaurant and two infinity swimming pools gorgeously ensconced in a lush tropical garden setting.

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Culture, food, and music of Belize in spotlight at New Orleans Jazz Fest 2016

Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2016

NEW-ORLEANS-JAZZ-FESTIVAL2One of the most exciting cultural events in music is set to kick off this Friday in New Orleans, Louisiana. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will be held in the Cultural Exchange Pavilion at the Louisiana State Fair Grounds, and this year will feature a strong focus on the nation of Belize.

First founded in 1970 after a spontaneous meeting between gospel legend Mahalia Jackson and jazz great Duke Ellington, the New Orleans Jazz Festival has since blossomed to become one of the premiere musical festivals held in the United States. Every year, the festival includes a spotlight on a specific nation, with Belize holding this special honor in 2016.

Attendees will see a special demonstration of the music, culture and history of the Central American nation of Belize, showcasing its unique heritage of Maya, Creole, East Indian, British, Mestizo, Garifuna, Lebanese, Mennonite, Caribbean and Chinese history. Long a British colony, today Belize is an independent nation and the only country in Central America with English as its official language.

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At this year’s Jazz and Heritage Festival, Belizean local Florencio Mess, a master craftsman of the traditional Mayan K’ekhchi harp, will give both musical demonstrations as well as workshops on how he and his son make the centuries-old instrument. Belizean storyteller Natividad Obando will present a traditional Day of the Dead altar at the festival for Belizean musicians while basketweaver Marta Chiac will give a workshop on how to make Mayan jippi jappa baskets from materials sourced from the rainforest.

Daid Matus, the award-winning costume designer, will have an exhibition to showcase some of the many Carnival costumes he’s created over the past 18 years. Artist Elmer Panti will hold demonstrations on how to carve slate according to traditional Mayan techniques and the Talla Walla Vibrations band will give a performance of Creole Sambai and Garifuna drum music.

The staff and management of Chabil Mar support all the artists and craftspeople who will be giving demonstrations and performances at the festival and thank the organizers for this special opportunity to promote the music, history and culture of Belize.

Belize Whale Sharks – 8 Fascinating Facts You Need to Know

Posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2016

belize whale sharksDespite its massive size, Whale Sharks are the “Gentle Giants” of the ocean. Unlike their other shark relatives that are meat-eaters, these giants are filter feeders.

Every year, huge schools of migrating whale sharks arrive in the waters off of Belize in order to feed on fish spawn and plankton. These enormous creatures normally cruise a depth beyond the reach of most divers. It is only when they rise to the surface to feed that humans can get the rare and wonderful opportunity to interact with these friendly and inquisitive creatures.

Below are eight fascinating facts you need to know about whale sharks:

  1. The name “whale” shark refers to their size, not their biology. Whale sharks are fish, not mammals.
  2. Whale sharks have been swimming in the Earth’s oceans for approximately 60 million years.
  3. Whale sharks have teeth but never use them. They feed by filtering the water for microscopic bacteria and algae.
  4. Whale sharks travel approximately 30,000 miles around the globe every year.
  5. The largest whale shark ever caught weighed more than 47,000 pounds.
  6. Despite weighing several tons, whale sharks feed almost exclusively on tiny plankton virtually invisible to the naked eye.
  7. In Asia, whale sharks are called “tofu fish” because the meat is said to taste and look like tofu.
  8. Scientists have never observed whale sharks mating and know very little about their biology.

Although whale sharks circumnavigate the globe every year, it is only in the waters around Gladden Spit off the coast of Placencia in Belize that divers can get the rare chance to interact and photograph these magnificent animals. Drawn to the enormous concentration of fish spawn and plankton in the area, whale sharks arrive in the waters off of Belize between March and June.

Because whale sharks are carefully protected by Belizean conservation laws, divers who want to dive with whale sharks must use a licensed tour operator. If you’d like to partake in a truly special diving adventure to get close to and interact with the gentle giants of the deep, sign up for this complete Belize whale shark diving package. It includes three limited slots to dive with whale sharks and accommodations at the world-class Belize resort of Chabil Mar.

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Monkey River Jungle Tour – A Must See & Do in Southern Belize

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

monkey river tour

The tiny picturesque village of Monkey River in the Toledo District is located on the coast of southeastern Belize at the mouth of the iconic Monkey River. This Creole village is a popular destination for eco-tourism trips up the pristine natural river to see some of the extraordinary range of tropical flora and fauna in the country, including the ubiquitous howler monkey that gave the river and village their names.

This eco-friendly tour starts in the village of Monkey River where visitors can dine at the popular local restaurant and stock up supplies. Visitors then board a small watercraft to begin a leisurely cruise up this gentle river. Along the way, it’s easy to spot crocodiles, manatees (often called “sea cows” due to their placid nature and large size), dolphins, lizards, monkeys and dozens of tropical bird species like parrots and toucans.

The tour will stop at various locations to give visitors an opportunity to explore the jungle on foot, keeping an eye out for snakes and spiders. Howler monkeys will make their presence known with their famous call, inviting children and adults to join in all the fun. Following well-marked paths, visitors can learn from their guides about the rich variety of medicinal plants, insects and animals that call the area home.

If you’re sensitive to the sun, be sure to be prepared by bringing and applying plenty of sunscreen, wearing loose clothing and/or wearing a hat. Due to the abundance of insects in the jungle, it is also recommended that visitors bring insect repellent and wear protective clothing for hiking through the jungle.

Not designed to be a high-adrenaline adventure, a cruise up the Monkey River is instead a way to relax and enjoy the unspoiled scenery while keeping one eye open for some of the many interesting animals, reptiles, birds and marine creatures that inhabit this unspoiled area.

Lodging Near Monkey River Village in southern Belize

One of the finest resorts in all of Belize is located just a few miles from Monkey River Village. Chabil Mar, named for a Mayan term which means “beautiful sea”, is located on the Placencia Peninsula. The resort features full-size villas, an on-site restaurant and private beach access.

For more information about the Monkey River Tour, feel free to chat with the Concierge at: or contact the Reservations Manager Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.