10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Winter Holiday In Belize

Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2017

A quiet, easygoing nation located in the heart of Central America, Belize is fast becoming one of the top destinations for people wanting to escape the cold and misery of winter. The weather in Belize is always pleasant and warm all-year round and the country features a uniquely harmonious mix of different cultures. Friendly, English-speaking natives will make you feel right at home as you explore some of the many amazing attractions that Belize has to offer.

Below are 10 reasons why you should pack your bags right now and have a winter holiday in Belize:

1 – Maya Ruins


Belize was once the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire. Today, dozens of Mayan cities can be explored throughout the country, featuring a rich mix of towering temples, beautiful carvings, and grand plazas.

2 – The Great Blue Hole


Declared by famed marine biologist Jacques Cousteau as one of the best diving sites on the planet, the Great Blue Hole is a unique circular depression adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. Divers can explore an enormous underwater series of caverns carved out during the last great Ice Age.

3 – Wildlife

Manatees in Belize
Whether you’re interested in viewing some of the rarest tropical bird species on the planet or want to see the last surviving jaguars in the region, Belize has it all. Visitors can see crocodiles, monkeys, and manatees at play in their natural habitat or embark on exclusive diving tours to frolic with whale sharks.

4 – Drinking in the Scenery

Reef, Rainforest and Ruins in Belize --- Belize vacations
Belize is a relatively small country but has a richly diverse natural landscape. Travel between destinations is affordable and safe, offering visitors the chance to observe verdant mountains, lush fertile valleys, and pristine rainforests on their journey.

5 – Beaches

Beaches abound in Belize, as the country is located on the western shores of the lovely Caribbean Sea. With hundreds of miles of pristine, white beaches, you can enjoy the tropical fantasy vacation of your dreams swaying in a hammock under the shade of a palm tree in Belize. Almost nothing can compare to watching the sun set over the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

6 – Food

placencia belize food
Belize is the home to a rich mix of indigenous cultures, resulting in some of the most delicious food anywhere on the planet. Casual food is king here, with plenty of fresh-caught lobster, savory Caribbean dishes, and spicy Mexican food to choose from.

7 – Diving and Snorkeling

belize barrier reef
The clear waters of the Caribbean make snorkeling and diving in Belize some of the best to be found anywhere on Earth. The nearby Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world, is home to dozens of species of colorful fish, nurse sharks, and unique invertebrate species.

8 – Belize Adventures

Whether you’re interested in tubing down a river through a network of caves, hiking mountains, spelunking in huge caves, or exploring the jungle, there is plenty to do for the adventurous-minded in Belize.

9 – Belize Islands

belize island vacations
Locally known as cayes (pronounced “keys”), Belize has hundreds of gorgeous islands, ranging from the laid-back party town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye to the diving paradise of atolls fronting the Belize Barrier Reef.

10 – The Belize Weather

With a warm, tropical climate, and sunny skies nearly all year-round, the weather in Belize is fantastic. You’ll rarely need anything heavier than a sweater when in Belize, and T-shirts and sandals are the dress code of choice for visitors and locals alike.

Where to Stay

summer in belize

The award-winning resort of The Villas at Chabil Mar offering outstanding accommodations just minutes away from all the action in Placencia Village in southeastern Belize. With gorgeous views of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, each villa is a richly-appointed two-room suite combining traditional Belizean decor with modern luxury.

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What You Need to Know About Belize’s September Celebrations

Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2017

With so many fun festivals and national holidays packed into just one short month, September is one of the best times to visit Belize.

Below is the complete guide to all of the best September celebrations in Belize:

Battle of St. George’s Caye Day Festivities

st georges caye day photo by ambergris today
In 1798, Spain and Britain contested rule over the area with a tremendous maritime battles in the waters offshore of St. George’s Caye. After a week of close-quarter fighting, the British ultimately prevailed, sealing the fate of Belize as a British colony for the next 200 years. Belize has been an independent country since 1981 but continues to celebrate the momentous battle every September 10 that led to Belize being the only nation in Central America where English is the official language.

Independence Day

Portrait of a boy with the flag of Belize on his face.

Portrait of a boy with the flag of Belize on his face.

September 21 marks the official commemoration of Belize’s independence from Great Britain with parades, street parties, and throngs of people proudly waving the red, white and blue colors of Belize’s flag. September 21 is the national holiday but Independence Day festivities begin up to two weeks earlier with the period between Battle of St. George’s Caye Day (September 10) and Independence Day being a virtually non-stop explosion of musical celebrations, parades, dancing, eating, and imbibing.

Expo Belize Market Place

belize market place expo
More than 17,000 people are expected to attend this popular event that showcases the products and goods of Belize. Activities include dancing, singing, sampling a wide variety of local food, and plenty of shopping from booths set up by local vendors. Expo Belize Market Place will be held on September 16-17 in 2017.


belize carnival
Similar to events in New Orleans and throughout Latin America, Carnival is a colorful display of parades, music, dancing, and partying spectators that line the streets of Belize City. Elaborately-costumed individuals will march and dance in their efforts to be crowned the king and queen of Carnival.


Belize J'ouvert
This unusual festival takes place in the streets of downtown Belize City, with thousands of exuberant party-goers celebrating the opening morning of Carnival Day with a riotous mix of chocolate and paint.

Chabil Mar

Scenes 2nd Floor Seaview Chabil Mar Belize Resort
The multiple award-winning resort of Chabil Mar on the Placencia Peninsula is currently offering discounts for the months of August and September. Guests can partake in all of the popular September festivals by booking now to take advantage of these amazing discounts.


Prepare for the End of the World Marathon in Placencia, Belize

Posted on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
What began in 2012 as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the supposed prediction of the end of the world according to the ancient Maya calendar is now one of Placencia’s most popular sporting events. Every year in December, a fun half and full marathon footrace takes place on the golden sands of the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize.

In 2017, the End of the World Marathon will begin promptly at 5:30 AM on December 10. Runners competing in the full marathon will start at Placencia Village at the southernmost tip of the peninsula and race up the beach, passing through Seine Bight Village and Maya Beach before reaching a spot just south of Riversdale. Half marathons will then join the race as runners compete to be the first to cross the finish line back at Placencia Village.

Registration ends on October 15, 2017, and the admission fee includes a pasta dinner, attendance at the award ceremony, a post-race party, and a midnight beach soiree at the world-renowned Tipsy Tuna bar.

Far more than just a sporting event, the End of the World Marathon is a fun way to experience the pristine beauty and stunning panoramic views along the route. All proceeds from the marathon go towards providing scholarships for disadvantaged youths in the area. Along with the half and full marathon race, a two-mile fun run will also be held on the morning of the event, with plenty of participants running in colorful and zany costumes.

The original End of the World Marathon in 2012 took place on December 21, 2012, an event that millions of people around the world awaited with bated breath due to the Maya calendar supposedly predicting the end of a cosmic cycle. The original marathon was a tremendous success and has evolved to become one of the most festive regional events on the yearly calendar.

Chabil Mar has been a proud sponsor of the End of the World Marathon since its inception and is located just a short distance from the starting, making it the perfect place for participants to enjoy all the excitement of the race as well as soaking in the beauty of Placencia and the nearby Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a mecca for snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing.

To enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Belize, consider one of Chabil Mar’s Belize vacation packages that offer first-class accommodation and tours to the most popular sites in the country.

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Nim Li Punit “The Big Hat”

Posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Nim Li Punit may be one of the smallest Maya sites ever discovered in Belize, but its name translated from the local Mayan dialect means “Big Hat.” Although no one knows its ancient name, the city of Nim Li Punit is named after a carved figure found at the site wearing a big headdress.

Nim Li Punit is located in southern Belize in the Toledo District. To get to Nim Li Punit, take the Southern Highway 25 miles north from Punta Gorda or 50 miles south of Belmopan until you reach the turnoff at the villages of Indian Creek and Golden Stream. Follow the dirt road about 5 kilometers until you reach the turn off for Nim Li Punit.

For visitors arriving by ground transportation, you’ll be dropped off at the visitor center. Inside, you’ll see an elegant building made from local materials along with artifacts found at the site. The visitor center also has displays depicting the language, food, dance, and other cultural characteristics of the Maya.

Some of the most interesting monuments found in Nim Li Punit are the 26 stelae or large columns of stone, many of which are intricately carved with Maya hieroglyphs and pictures. Most of the stelae were found in an enormous square now called the Plaza of the Stelae.

Nim Li Punit was founded more than 2,500 years ago. Today, the remains of three plazas have been excavated, including several pyramids, one of which reaches 12.2 meters (40 feet) in height. Other interesting attractions include one of the best-preserved Maya ball courts ever found, completely intact and ready for a game.

Closer examination of the buildings in Nim Li Punit will reveal that they are precisely aligned according to Maya beliefs about the order of the universe, with the earth at its center. To the north, a collection of shrines and funerary monuments represents the sky world.

At the end of the terrace called Structure One, the ancient Maya built a series of monuments that were used to take incredibly precise astronomical calculations. The Maya calendar consisted of 365 days divided into 18 months, each with 20 days, and an “extra” month that had just five days.

Archeologists believe that Nim Li Punit was once part of the territory belonging to an ancient Maya dynasty that also ruled nearby cities like Uxbenka, Pusilha, and Lubaantun.

Chabil Mar offers tours to Nim Li Punit and other popular Maya sites in Belize.

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It Is Now Easy to Get to Belize From Canada

Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
On July 23, 2017, WestJet announced that it will be adding a second Belize route beginning on November 3, 2017. The new non-stop flight will connect Calgary (YYC) to Belize City (BZE) with weekly departures throughout the 2017/2018 winter season.

WestJet became the first Canadian airline to fly non-stop to Belize in more than 20 years when it began operating its popular Toronto-Belize City route in October 2016. After an immensely successful 2016/2017 winter season, arch rival Air Canada announced that it will begin also flying non-stop from Toronto to Belize.

As a former British colony, Belize is the only nation in Central America where English is the official language. Although its territory is roughly the same size as the American state of Massachusetts, Belize has a small population of just 360,000 people. A true melting pot society, Belize is enriched by its many indigenous cultures, including Spanish-speaking Mestizos, German-speaking Mennonites, and the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people.

Belize has a long Caribbean coastline and hundreds of offshore islands and coral atolls strung out along the enormous Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Belize Barrier Reef is a mecca for snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and fishing.

Chabil Mar is a multiple award-winning luxury resort located on the golden sands of the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize. Chabil Mar has lavishly appointed villas, a lush tropical garden, elegant seafront pier (perfect for open-air dining), and a gourmet restaurant serving three daily courses of seafood, tropical cocktails, and delicious local and international fare.

Chabil Mar means “Beautiful Sea” in the local Maya dialect and is conveniently located close to the Belize Barrier Reef and offers guests a number of Belize vacation packages to enjoy all the exciting adventures that the islands have to offer.

Chabil Mar is also close to all of the top attractions on the mainland, including bird watching and hiking in the vast trackless wilderness of the Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve (home to some of Central America’s last surviving jaguars), boat expeditions up the well-named Monkey River, and explorations of ancient Maya cities like Tikal, Xunantunich, and Nim Li Punit.

Chabil Mar is  a perennial TripAdvisor favorite thanks to its outstanding customer service and world-class amenities. All guests of the resort have the complimentary use of bicycles, paddle boards, sea kayaks, and high-speed wireless internet.

For more information about visiting Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge@chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at: reservations@chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377.