It’s Trendy to Make the Green Scene by Summering in Belize!

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2015

summer in belizeYou’re a trend setter, right? You launch fashion styles, throw unusual soirees, hang out with fascinating people and you’ve earned a reputation for sleuthing out vacation destinations that aren’t just off the beaten track but downright extraordinary. Continue to grow your reputation by heading to Belize during the Green Season—between June and November. When rains come, the world bursts into life and those privileged to witness this annual phenomenon say there’s nothing that compares, so your reputation as a trendsetter will remain secure in perpetuity!

1. Luxuriate in green space. Because the world has yet to discover the wonder of the green season in Belize, you’re going to have plenty of room to spread out, stay at the best accommodations and take advantage of the lack of crowds, thereby enjoying more privacy and choices than at any other time of the year. For example, resorts like Chabil Mar offer green season accommodation discounts that thrifty Scotsmen would applaud.

2. Spend less green. Your dollar stretches into infinity during Belize’s green season when rates dip as much as 30-percent at resorts and hotels. Airfares? We hesitate to use the word plummet when discussing air travel, but during green season, airlines reduce ticket prices giving travelers more green to spend at their destinations. There’s a reason Southwest Airlines begins offering nonstop service to Belize in October! Take advantage of route introductory rates and make your friends green with envy.

3. Yellow trumps green. If you’ve heard rumors about nonstop rain in Belize, you’ve been listening to people who want to keep the secret of this season to themselves. Sure, there are nourishing showers, but mornings tend to be sunny and bright, lots of rain falls at night when tourists are winding down from busy days and even when showers break, they can disappear in such short order, you might not have time to open your umbrella. Days are cooled by rain and on some days, there’s not a cloud in the sky.

4. The green explosion. When the rains come to Belize, day trips to jungles, rainforests and gardens are enhanced by an explosion of vibrant colors. From succulent fruit to vivid flowers, it’s as though God grabbed a paint brush and coated every butterfly, leaf and bloom with shiny lacquer. Rains coincide with the birth of some types of marine animals in Belize, so if you’re looking to witness a few miracles, plan to be around when darling baby turtles come into the world.

5. Green beans. Not the veggie, silly. Rains play a huge role in Belize’s thriving cacao bean growing season, bringing nutrients and moisture to the crop that helps satisfy the chocolate cravings of people around the world. Rains nurture and push cacao beans to maturity, so the next time you bite into a bar of dark chocolate, you can thank Belize’s green season for that mouth-watering treat.

6. Green streams. When Belize’s green season arrives, sporty types, eager to tackle extreme aquatic adventures, show up in Belize to take advantage of rising rivers, lagoons, lakes and waterways fed by downpours that can make water activities so much more exciting. Tourists visiting at other times of the year may not get opportunities to experience the rush that comes when water levels are at their highest. Dare you fib about “the one that got away”? Of course. The rain won’t share your secret.

21 Reasons to Get Married in Belize

Posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

belize wedding packages all inclusiveDo you crave a destination wedding but the distance issue is scary? No worries. Belize is fast becoming the destination wedding capital of Central America and resorts like Chabil Mar have a talent for turning even small celebrations into extravaganzas. From basic arrangements to all-inclusive packages customized to suit your taste and budget, why go elsewhere?

Here are 21 great reasons to get married in Belize:

1. You don’t have to feed the multitudes, including Aunt Mary who ruins most weddings anyway. Enjoy a lavish wedding for less cash because your wedding party is likely to be small enough to make the day both lavish and affordable.

2. Your photos will be perfect–especially if taken late in the day when golden rays of the sun make everybody look gorgeous, even mothers-in-law!

3. Find out who your real friends are. Invite your nearest and dearest; if they can’t get to your Belize affair, you know where you stand.

4. Make other newlywed connections. Since Belize is fast-becoming Central America’s wedding destination, you could bond with other newlyweds and stay in touch over the years.

5. Save money. According to The Knot, today’s average 150-guest wedding averages $29,000 USD. Compare that to a full-blown Chabil Mar affair. If your party is big enough, reserve the entire resort just for your big day.

belize wedding resorts

6. Everyone speaks English in Belize. Forget struggling with a second language as you put together your wedding celebration using skilled Chabil Mar event planners.

7. Beach? Jungle? Waterfall? All things are possible in this wonderland, so whether you want your wedding on a beach, in a cave, at a Mayan ruin or at a quaint local church, your choices are unlimited.

8. Save a bundle on your honeymoon. You’re already in Belize. Voila! Instant honeymoon.

9. The food is delish. Treat your guests to gourmet meals prepared by Chabil Mar chefs skilled in European cookery and ethnically-rich plates that reflect Belize’s diverse cultures.

wedding vacations in belize
10. Your host does all the work. Included in Chabil Mar’s basic wedding package are the honeymoon suite, bouquets, beach or pier deck ceremony, help with your license and tropical reception, all at one price.

11. Chabil Mar offers a wide range of extras, like reception planning, couples massages, in-country airfare, photographer, videographer and even clergy.

12. It’s easy to get a marriage license. Show up three days before the big day. Present your passport with photo as proof of the day you arrived in Belize and you’re done.

13. Your marriage will be recognized everywhere, so it’s just as official in Belize as it would be if you exchanged vows in Ottawa, Detroit or Los Angeles.

14. The weather is divine. Year-round. Seriously.

15. Wear what you like. White gown. Floral sarong. Bedazzled pedal pushers. Swimsuit. Bridal Fashion Police officials avoid Belize, so don anything you fancy.

belize beach weddings

16. No clothing restrictions for guests, either. Inform guests that your ceremony and/or reception is to be held on a boat, on the beach or at Chabil Mar Resort so they can wear whatever they consider appropriate.

17. It’s easy to get to Belize. Anyone wishing to attend your wedding can find lots of flights from Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. Adventurous guests may wish to make your event the object of a long and relaxing road trip!

18. Stress-free planning. Use your phone or the Internet to do all of your planning with Chabil Mar staff. Since no grumpy, frazzled couples are permitted in Belize, you fly down and hit the beach to get the tan other couples pay for at tanning beds back home.

19. Save on pricey décor because Mother Nature is another of your wedding planners. Brides lament that their floral bill is as daunting as a student loan, but in Belize, everything is perpetually in bloom.

20. Take advantage of rate drops during low season at Chabil Mar and save even more on airfares and accommodations so you can spend it on the reception instead.

21. Make exceptional memories. This reason to marry in Belize is strictly up to you!

Chabil Mar is a proud sponsor of the Placencia Humane Society

Posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2015

placencia humane society

The Placencia Humane Society (PHS) is a private Belize not-for-profit, volunteer organization that works to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of domestic animals on the Placencia Peninsula and surrounding communities.

Over the years, Chabil Mar has been an avid sponsor of PHS and has assisted the organization to provide a high standard of health and welfare for domestic animals in the area.

“Donating to PHS is part of our corporate social responsibility,” says Chabil Mar’s Marketing Manager Larry France who believes that every business should engage and adopt policies to contribute to the Peninsula’s sustainable development.

“PHS is an active organization that provides medical treatments at no cost to animals and the more donations it receives, the more animals can be saved,” states France.

Homeless animals that are found in Placencia are cared by PHS at no cost and from time to time the organization has pets available for adoption.

The organization ensures that it carries out the following duties and responsibilities on a daily basis:

(i) donation-only spays and neuters

(ii) facilitating availability of regular veterinary care

(iii) providing veterinary care and foster homes for abused, injured and homeless domestic animals

(iv) coordinating trapping, neutering and releasing of feral cats, and

(v) educating communities about compassion and responsibility for all animals

“Another aspect of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to encourage our guests to spend time in Placencia Village by meeting the locals, visit their shops, eat at their restaurants and experience the eclectic culture of Belize first hand at their leisure and schedule,” added France when asked about other CSR that Chabil Mar practices.

To learn more about the Placencia Humane Society please visit their website at



Simply Buckhead, Upscale Lifestyle Magazine Features Belize

Posted on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

placencia belize

Belize is currently being featured in the May edition of Simply Buckhead, an upscale lifestyle Magazine based in Atlanta, USA.

Simply Buckhead is the definitive resource for Atlanta’s most dynamic intown neighborhood with a commitment to journalistic excellence and serves as the authority on who to know, what to do and where to go in Buckhead and its surrounding communities.

The travel story titled “You Better Belize It” and written by Karina Timmel Antenucci can found on pages 24 & 25 of the May edition of the Magazine.

Antenucci writes about her exquisite Belize vacation which entails visiting the 78- acre Blancaneux Resort in the Mountain Pine Ridge, her adventure at the popular inland blue hole and St. Herman’s Cave, her visit exploring the ancient Maya City of Caracol, and her gastronomic experience of the scrumptious Belizean Rice and Beans.

Karina then shares her travel experience of the scenic drive on the humming bird highway and the time she spent in the charming village of Placencia.

Here is what she had to say about Placencia Village:

Placencia sits at the end of a narrow, 26- mile sandy peninsula, with one side a beach and the other side a lagoon and boat slips. We chose to stay at Chabil Mar Villas, 20 individually designed condos on the beach,with amenities like two pools and a private pier with lounge area. Its proximity (only a 10-minute beach walk or 3-minute drive) from Placencia Village made it a cinch to explore this beach town’s little tourist shops, eateries (don’t miss Ms. Brenda’s roadside jerk chicken or Rumfish y Vino’s Caribbean Fish Stew—I had it two nights in a row!) and to soak in the vibe.

There is one big must-do when in Placencia: Charter a boat and head out for a day on the sea. Explore the gorgeous little isles, such as Laughing Bird Caye, which are scattered all around and snorkel or scuba dive whenever possible to swim with whale sharks (don’t worry, they don’t bite), manta rays, sea turtles, parrot fish and more.

To read the full article, click here:

Simply Buckhead is published 8 times a year and distributes 24,000 copies to more than 8 zip codes and is also available online in its entirety at

How to Plan an Amazing Travel Adventure to Belize for Your Kids

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2015


Your kids deserve a break—especially if they make the school honor roll repeatedly, exhibit sportsmanship on the playground and remember to thank Grandma for her birthday check without being prompted. Your plans for a summer travel destination start with picking Chabil Mar in Placencia in Belize for your kid-friendly adventure (!

Get creepy and crawly. Your kids will want to meet Belize’s most exotic critters, so ask the folks at Chabil Mar to book your party on day trips that showcase the nation’s wildlife. No fair making decisions about where to go: let the kids decide whether they can’t live without seeing infamous howler monkeys, slithering crocodiles or gentle manatees. You know your kids. They’re going to say “Yes, please” to all of them, so ask staff to pick a knowledgeable guide to take you out so the kids can question him or her more expertly than a quiz show host.

Pair fun with learning. Emulate the family visiting the Garifuna village of Seine Bight who treated their kids to drumming lessons. Belizeans in Seine Bight are delighted to lead kids in some heart- and finger-pounding fun, and your children won’t have a clue that they are also learning about the area’s history and culture. Explore markets and let the kids pick a place to eat. If they refuse what’s served, remind them of who chose the venue!

Stay active. Thanks to Chabil Mar sports gear rentals you and your little travelers can explore all points in Placencia. Rent bikes for everyone, grab kayaks to accommodate your family group (both are free for guests, by the way) and devote plenty of time to the Chabil Mar pool and the ocean. Head for town after a full day on premises to explore eateries that expose your kids to ethnic cookery. If a child shows an interest in how food is prepared, ask the chef if your child can peek into the kitchen.

Experience the reef. You don’t have to snorkel if your kids are too little, but if they’re good swimmers and your guide is happy to help you with snorkeling instructions, your surprise vacation could turn into the most amazing experience of all when kids glimpse exotic and wonderful coral configurations that resemble planetary surfaces. Identifying fish species is another fun activity—particularly if you bring a kid’s book on tropical fish that focuses on the waters around Placencia. One warning: the occasional child has spotted lobsters in the wild and refused to eat one at the dinner table. More than one little vegetarian has been born at Chabil Mar!

Cave in to both of these requests: “Please, please, Dad, can we go caving?” and “Mom, let’s go to the jungle!” Both day trips are doable thanks to Chabil Mar adventure plans that take you and the kids to both environments on one- or multiple-day excursions. Jungles and caves are both close-by and can be paired with tours of ancient Mayan ruins that will evoke enthusiastic responses when the kids find out they could spot skeletons. Jungle trips can include swimming and caving as well. Need we add the ultimate kid-driven activity of cave tubing?

Snag this terrific deal: You are happy to let kids make decisions as teachable moments. Chabil Mar is happy to make your booking decisions by offering Barefoot Luxury Vacation Packages that do everything but spread jelly on your kids’ new meal favorite, Fry Jacks. The Barefoot package provides everything a family of four requires to holiday in the lap of luxury, including adventures described above. From luxe accommodations, partial meal plans, tours and ground transportation, taxes, service fees and more starting at $6,750 USD, this package is the deal of a lifetime. Your job is to herd the kids onto the plane. Our job is to do everything else so your entire family returns from Chabil Mar with a lifetime worth of memories.

For more information about traveling with kids in Belize , feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge{@} or contact our Reservations Manager at: reservations{@} Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-237