5 Observations about Food in Belize

Posted on Friday, September 18th, 2015

belize restaurants - 5 observation about belize food in belizeOne of the most delicious aspects of visiting other countries is sampling cuisines, and since you won’t find a single fast food restaurant within Belize’s borders, you’ll have ample time to taste many styles of cookery throughout this culturally rich land. If you’re staying at Chabil Mar Belize Resort, don’t be surprised if you find yourself preferring the resort’s eclectic menu to other eateries in Placencia, but if you’re sticking around for the long haul, the following general observations about food will come in handy.

1. If you’re used to having plenty of supermarkets from which to choose, you may experience culture shock in Belize where ingredients needed for a recipe may not always be available on store shelves. No worries. Adopt the Belize mindset: learn to substitute and in the bargain, earn a reputation for being an innovative cook and baker. You will find “organic” products from local resources, so if you keep canned goods on hand to substitute for fresh ingredients that aren’t available you’ll always be prepared to make a meal.

2. Frequent local markets to get the freshest ingredients for your recipes and save your trips to large grocery stores for staples. Find the best local markets by asking people you meet where they shop in Placencia and then follow their lead. If you’re a frequent patron of Chabil Mar’s eateries on the days you decide not to cook, you can always ask the chef for recommendations—though he may not want to give his secrets away in the interest of getting you back to the Chabil Mar Café as frequently as possible!

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3. Be aware of the fact that Belize laws and regulations governing the use of pesticides don’t come close to the standards North Americans rely upon to scare away bugs, fungi and pests. One of the best ways to learn what’s in the foods you consume is to ask the grower when you shop at local markets, and while not every farmer may wish to disclose that information, it costs nothing to ask. Ensure your family’s health by taking the steps you would undertake, no matter where you live: thoroughly wash fresh foods with a brush to remove residues and you can also buy products on the Internet made for cleaning food if you require something stronger than water.

4. If dairy is an important part of your diet and you have no interest in owning a cow, follow the lead of people living in Belize and acquire a taste for powdered milk. Alternately, milk substitutes like almond, cashew and other plant-based dairy products may suffice if you can find them on grocery shelves. Can’t exist without “the real thing”? Turn to dairy farmers in Belize’s Mennonite communities. According to Wikipedia, there were 44 Mennonite communities in Belize in 2012, the largest of which are Shipyard, Spanish Lookout and Little Belize. Smaller sites include Blue Creek, Indian Creek, Barton Creek, Springfield and Pine Hill.

5. Make Café Mar your go-to dining destination for wining, dining and socializing on the nights and days you’re in no mood to cook. Local fisherman, farmers and purveyors provide chefs with the freshest ingredients, and frequent Café Mar beachside diners indulge all of their senses in an al fresco dining experience that offers a feeling of freedom under the Belize sky. If you prefer to take meals outside the Café, ask for poolside service, visit the Kaleidoscope Bar & Lounge or have a meal brought to you on your private veranda if you’re a guest. What observation will you make about the food after you discover just how delicious everything tastes when prepared Belize style?

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Come for the Run, Stay for the Fun!

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

placencia belizeEnd of the World Marathon: A Belize Marathon You Don’t Want to Mis

Whether you come before or after this year’s “End of the World” Marathon in Placencia on December 6, a wonderful time in a Caribbean wonderland of beautiful beaches, mystical Mayan temples, spectacular caves, pristine rainforests, and the second largest barrier reef in the world can be yours.

Reserve your place in the Marathon and your Villa at Chabil Mar Resort – your choice of 5, 6 or 7 nights of luxury villa accommodations!

The Placencia Belize Marathon Vacation package includes:

  • Round trip flights between Belize City and Placencia
  • Land transfers between Placencia airstrip and Chabil Mar
  • 10% discount on villa rates for your entire stay
  • 5 nights in a Luxury Villa (6 and 7 night packages are available, including 10% discount on all villa nights for your entire stay, customized for you – Contact Us to Customize)
  • Marathon or ½ Marathon participant entry fee (purchased by Chabil Mar on your behalf)
  • Chabil Mar T-Shirt and Race Event T-Shirt
  • All Breakfasts (5 night package specifics – longer nights stays can include as many breakfasts as desired at an additional fee)
  • 4 Lunches at Chabil Mar and 1 After Race Luncheon (5 night package specifics – longer nights stays can include as many lunches as desired at an additional fee)
  • Pasta dinner included in the Marathon event package
  • 3 Dinners at Chabil Mar (5 night package specifics – longer nights stays can include as many dinners as desired at an additional fee)
  • 1 Dinner at Rumfish y Vino Restaurant in Placencia Village
  • 1 Race Event Pasta Dinner
  • 1 Singles massage
  • Complimentary Bicycles and Kayaks
  • Three – full days of Golf Cart use
  • Your choice of one of the following three tours: Mayan Ruins (Lubaantun or Lim Ni Punit), Monkey River Howler Adventure or Cockscomb Jaguar Nature Preserve
  • 1/2 Day of off-shore Island Snorkeling
  • All entrants included in special prize donations raffle!

Please contact our Reservations Manager to reserve your Villa at Chabil Mar for this event now. If you decide to make a change to your plans you can do so for up to 60 days in advance, without charge.

The registration fee, a value up to US$100, which is paid by Chabil Mar on your behalf, includes race entry, a race event T shirt, and an excellent chance of winning a special prize donated by a local sponsor.

NOTE: This Belize vacation package does not include international airfare, alcohol, soft drinks or juices.

Why Visiting Belize in 2016 Should Top Your Must-Do List!

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2015

belize summer vacationWhy Belize is worth visiting in 2016

Is it too early to start planning next year’s escape? Of course not! Belize is a hot destination for myriad reasons and to attract even more visitors, the nation will roll out a giant welcome mat next year for newcomers and return visitors. Reasons you’ll want to visit in 2016 are courtesy of Mother Nature, airliners, attractions and resorts like Chabil Mar Villas  where hosts love showing off their hospitality.

Come for the weather

summer in belizeNo matter which month in 2016 you decide to make Belize your relaxation epicenter, temperatures will be consistent, averaging 88 degrees but dipping down to 70 at night in some seasons. One small suitcase can get you through a longish vacation if you pack right!

Come for the whale sharks

whale sharks in belizeArrange your 2016 calendar smartly to be on hand for Belize’s annual whale shark sightings near Gladden Spit. You can dive with them if you like or just watch friends frolic with these giants between March and June. Your diving adventure begins at the Chabil Mar booking desk.

Come for the rates

11208020_1616878608554980_1486141054_nOne of the reasons visiting Belize has become so popular has to do with the graduated rate structures offered by resorts throughout the country. In low season, discounts are as prevalent as colorful fish on the Belize Barrier Reef, so if you holiday on a budget, a 2016 visit won’t ruin yours!

Come for the Maya ruins

lamanai belize maya ruins siteVestiges of Mayan civilizations are scattered across Belize like stars in the sky, so if you’ve put off visiting sacred sites, what are you waiting for? Chabil Mar staff can set you up with as many Mayan ruin tours as your time allows.

Come for the flights


Once upon a time, direct flights to Belize were infrequent, but thanks to heavy demand, Southwest Airlines now serves Belize City, as do other major U.S. carriers. If you originate in Panama, catch a short Copa Air flight and you’ll be up and down before you can say 2016.

Come for the fishing

belize fishing vacationsEven the unluckiest of amateur fishermen have been known to strike it rich in the waters off Belize. Take a photo of your catch before you hand it off to the chef at Chabil Mar who will prepare it for you with a tropical flourish.

Come for the sailing

11695959_496381550520784_6276947026619079394_nIf 2016 is the year you’ve committed to ridding your life of stressors, set sail for relaxing time on Caribbean waters as you feel your blood pressure numbers drop. Hire the boat that meets your criteria and even picnics will be provided!

Come for adventure

10982040_496616377163968_674360294809811336_nWhich adventure, you ask? Select from excursions and day trips posted on the Chabil Mar website menu or customize your plan to fill every hour of your 2016 holiday with nature walks, jungle exploration, cave tubing, wildlife discoveries, zip lining and much more.

Come for the romance

belize honeymoonPrioritize Belize when making 2016 plans for romantic getaways including honeymoons. Intimate gardens, beaches and guestrooms so lavishly appointed, they redefine the term honeymoon suite await couples at Chabil Mar. You might even qualify for discounted rates during low season so you start your life together on a thrifty note.

Come for your wedding

Destination weddings in Belize are so trendy, resorts like Chabil Mar have designed different types of celebrations so couples enjoy exactly the type of wedding they dream about. Whether you desire a beach, garden or under-roof event, 2016 is your year to start your married life off right here in paradise!

Visit our website www.chabilmarvillas.com for more information on Belize, and don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606, if you have questions or need help in planning your 2016 Belize vacation.

What’s on the Menu at Café Mar? The Dining Experience of a Lifetime

Posted on Monday, September 7th, 2015

placencia belize foodKnowing the names of the folks preparing palate-pleasing meals is a standard part of the Chabil Mar Villas experience. One Café Mar guest commenting on staff and food wrote: “Yours is not a restaurant in the traditional sense. I felt I was sitting down to dine with Mother Nature while experiencing freedom and beauty all around me.” If you’ve never felt this way about your dining hosts, you’ve been staying at the wrong Belize resort! Your table awaits at Café Mar. When can we expect you?

Darren serving at Bar 2 Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Darren mixing drinks at the Kaleidoscope Bar & Lounge

Junior with Trophy

Junior with Trophy

Start with drinks…
Mixologists Darren and Edwin–plus Beach Captain Sheldon—run the Kaleidoscope Bar & Lounge and Café Mar so deftly, whether you prefer a refreshing local beer or the most exotic Caribbean cocktail that’s ever been garnished with plump fruit, name your favorite and an icy glass will be in your hand fast. Don’t miss happy hour at the Kaleidoscope where you can order a daily special or crowd-pleasing favorites like Chunky Monkey or the Chabil Martini—shaken or stirred.

Sheldon with Tray of Cocktails

Sheldon with tray of cocktails

Feast on the views
Al fresco dining gives new meaning to the word atmosphere at Café Mar. Sea breezes and swaying palm trees set a relaxed tone and since staff awaits any time between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., dine when you decide, even during off hours. Chefs Amintha and Marsha love surprising guests, thus trying new recipes is as much fun for them as the preparation of ethnic Belize dishes. Who are the logistics managers behind your effortless Café Mar dining experience? Servers Junior and Luis, of course! Obviously, everyone’s doing something right; another delighted diner commented, “”I am giving Chabil Mar a 5-star rating only because 6 is not an option!”

Chef Amintha

Chef Amintha

Bountiful breakfasts
Café Mar breakfasts are so hearty and filling, you’ll be well fortified to face the day. Included on the Chabil Mar breakfast menu are familiar dishes and new tastes. Order your favorite style of eggs if that’s your go-to breakfast, try Belize fried fish fillets with refried beans to change up your morning routine or get a true taste of Belize by ordering fry Jacks or Johnny cakes. Just-picked tropical fruits come with all orders and you can’t leave Chabil Mar without eating the house breakfast special at least once: yummy banana pancakes.

Chef Marsha

Chef Marsha

Leisurely lunches
If Café Mar staff was forced to choose a lunch menu theme, it would be light and bright because midday meals are brightly colored works of art. Depending upon the time of year, your stuffed avocado may be lavished with shrimp or lobster accompanied by vegetables and laced with savory mustard sauce. Enjoy a traditional club sandwich with a variety of fillings stuffed between freshly-baked bread plus generous portions of French fries and coleslaw. Ask about specials of the day and if the marinated shrimp and conch ceviche is available, you’ve got to eat at least one of these, served with fried corn chips, before you leave Belize.

Server Luis

Server Luis

Delightful dinners
If it’s harvested from the sea, count on Chefs Marsha and Amintha to impress you with their culinary skills. Menu favorites include sautéed-to-perfection shrimp marinated in Caribbean spices and coconut, bone-in, pineapple glazed pork chops, and Snapper Beurre Blanc, the artful marriage of pan-seared snapper atop delicate beurre blanc cream. Tired of chicken? Café Mar’s grilled Orangello chicken breast is guaranteed to please the minute the grilled onion sauce with hints of citrus reach your taste buds. Visiting Chabil Mar during lobster season? Grilled lobster tails in garlic butter are sure to wind up on your plate more than once during your stay.

Edwin with Dragon Fruit Cocktail

Edwin with Dragon Fruit Cocktail

Hector at Xunantunich

Food and Beverage Manager Hector atop Xunantunich Maya Ruins

Dessert? How sweet it is
Food and Beverage Manager Hector is downright obsessive about details, so whether you long for a fabulous dessert or you wish to dine beachside, on your private veranda, have meals brought poolside or you request relaxing service on the pier, just say the word. Prefer to stay sequestered in your Chabil Mar Villa? No problem. Our chefs can arrange a private meal there. Enthused one guest: “We brought our fresh caught fish back to Chabil Mar and chefs turned it into the most divine meal we’ve ever eaten!” Sure, Chabil Mar has plenty of desserts on the menu, but the resort’s award-winning kitchen staff, servers and bartenders are so sweet, you might not need one!

Canada 3, Belize 0: Jaguars must step up to keep Cup dreams alive

Posted on Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Belize vs CanadaBelize’s defensive display was not enough to keep Canada out of goal three times over in Toronto on Friday.

Canada dominated possession but their three goals came from a cornerkick and two tight angles, with initial attempts kept out by Woodrow West.

West was undisputed MVP of the team, making eight saves to keep the score down.

According to Opta Statistics, Belize completed 64% of passes overall and 43% in the attacking half, managing 31% in the final third. Unfortunately, there were no shots on target and Canada’s goalkeeper had a very easy night with no saves at all to make. Canada was much more efficient and accurate and will feel it stands an excellent chance of eliminating Belize in Belmopan on Tuesday.

However, Belize has already advanced once on aggregate with scores tied, dropping the Cayman Islands 1-1. A 3-0 victory sends the game to extra time, while 4-0 would seal a remarkable turnaround. In any event, Belize must return to the pressing, running, gunning style that saw them past the Dominican Republic, with a 3-0 victory in Belmopan in July.

It’s not over yet! Go Jaguars!