Where is Placencia Belize?

Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Where is Placencia Belize

Placencia on the Belize Map

Placencia is a small peninsula measuring about 1 mile across and 16 miles north and south attached to the southeastern corner of Stann Creek District in southeastern Belize. Placencia is approximately 160 miles (by land) south of Belize City and 33 miles south of Dangriga, the capital of Stann Creek District.

Placencia Peninsula

Due to its unique geography, the Placencia Peninsula offers visitors two very different terrains. On the landward side, the peninsula is bordered by several mangrove-lined lagoons, known for their rich abundance of fishing opportunities. The seaward side fronts the Caribbean and offers spectacular vistas and easy access to the nearby Belize Barrier Reef. The beaches of Placencia Peninsula are renowned for their pristine beauty.

Placencia Village

Located at the southern part of the peninsula where it joins the mainland, the small village of Placencia is still primarily a fishing-oriented community. With the advent of tourism into the area, the village is now home to ATMs, restaurants, cafes, luxury resorts, and dive shops.

Placencia Belize Weather

Like the rest of Belize, the Placencia Peninsula enjoys warm temperatures all year-round. The green season runs approximately from May to November, with heavier rains usually found in September and October. Daytime temps average between about 70F (21C) to 83F (28C) and nights range from about 70F (20C) to 77F (25C).

Placencia on the Belize Map (see photo above)

If you look at southeastern Belize and can find the Stann Creek District, it is very easy to spot the Placencia Peninsula. Shaped roughly like a boot with the toe pointing towards the mainland, the peninsula is at the very bottom of Stann Creek District right where it meets Toledo District.

Where to stay in Placencia Belize

Due to its beautiful beaches and fantastic views of the Caribbean, the peninsula has become a growing tourist hotspot. One of the finest resorts on the peninsula is Chabil Mar, which offers guests modern luxury in fully-equipped villas just a few minutes’ beach stroll from Placencia Village.

With close access to some of the finest attractions on the mainland like the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and just minutes away from some of the most beautiful parts of the Belize Barrier Reef, the Placencia Peninsula has become a popular destination in recent years. When not exploring the mainland or the offshore reefs, visitors can relax on one of the many fine beaches, learn more about the Garifuna culture, or pass the time away in one of the bars and restaurants on the peninsula.

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Canadian Teen Discovers Lost Mayan City

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Satellite images compared with Google Earth show potentially man-made structures beneath the jungle canopy. Photo: Canadian Space Agency

Using his deep knowledge of astronomy, 15-year-old William Gadoury recently startled archeologists by discovering a hidden Mayan city located near the coast in Belize, in the southern Yucatán Peninsula. By analyzing Mayan astronomical records, Gadoury realized that the Mayan system of constellations precisely matched the location of 117 different Mayan cities. Using this information, Gadoury was able to predict that a 118th city must exist. After plotting potential locations, Gadoury scoured through satellite photographs to discover K’aak Chi, where researchers discovered a pyramid and more than two dozen buildings lost within the deep jungle.

Archeologists have yet to visit the area of K’aak Chi to confirm the satellite imagery. Gadoury has expressed an interest in visiting the site but will have to wait until funding becomes available to reach the remote site. “To see K’aak Chi with my own eyes would be the dream of my life after spending three years calculating its location,” said Gadoury.

The city was named by Gadoury from a Mayan term meaning “fire mouth”. After a large forest fire in 2005 thinned the jungle cover, satellite photos were able to make out more details of this once-lost city. Mayan experts were startled when they realized that, based on their calculations from satellite images, K’aak Chi is one of the five largest Mayan cities ever discovered.

Modern-day Belize was once the heartland of the Mayan Empire and has the highest concentration of Mayan sites in the region. Top draws for visitors in Belize include the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha, Cahal Pech, Caracol, Lamani and Lubantuum.

The award-winning resort of Chabil Mar on the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize is a great place to begin an adventure. With  luxury beach front villas, the resort offers Belize jungle and sea packages that include tours to all of the top Maya ruins, perhaps you too can discover a lost city on your vacation in Belize.

Chabil Mar also offers a special Belize and Guatemala combo packages that includes a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal, once a leading Maya city-state and home to dozens of soaring palaces, temples and buildings.

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Belize Barrier Reef Photographed From Space by NASA Astronaut

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

belize reefLong known by residents and visitors as one of the most spectacularly beautiful ecosystems in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef was recently seen from a brand new angle when NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, currently on assignment aboard the International Space Station, posted high-resolution photographs of the reef on his Twitter feed.

The gorgeous color photograph taken from space pictures the entire Belizean coastline with the reef clearly visible. “Beautiful Belize coastal waters,” wrote Jeff Williams alongside the photograph. The next few pictures posted by the intrepid astronaut showed Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, commenting, “Fantastic Belize barrier reefs!”

If you’d like to experience the wondrous beauty of the Belize Barrier Reef from a much closer distance, the resort of Chabil Mar in Placencia offers comprehensive scuba diving and snorkeling packages that include lodging and guided trips to some of the best places to swim, dive and snorkel along the reef.

Belmopan Bandits FC is the PLB 2015-2016 Closing Season Champion

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016

Photo courtesy: The Amandala Newspaper

After a thrilling game against the Placencia Assassins in the final of the Premiere League of Belize football champions, the Belmopan Bandits secured the win with a 2-0 victory. Playing to a packed crowd at Isidoro Beaton Stadium, the hometown heros Belmopan Bandits and their star goalkeeper Shane Moody fought hard to end the match in a shutout.

After much exciting back and forth between the two evenly matched teams, the Bandits managed to end the deadlock with a minute 29 goal shot from Brazilian midfield Amilton Filho. The arcing hard shot from 35 yards out just managed to escape the control of Assassins goalie Anthony Williams. As the shot from Filho came rebounding to earth, Honduran forward Kervin Johnson outpaced Williams to tip in the goal with an easy kick for the first goal for the Bandits.

The crowd rose to their feet six minutes later when Assassins midfielder Delone Torres used fancy footwork to penetrate the Bandits defense and slide the ball over to midfielder Ashley Torres. The shot from Torres from just 18 feet out was just shy of the mark and hit the left cross bar. A corner kick a few minutes later from the Assassins Luis “Baaka” Torres also hit the crossbar, dashing Assassins fans hope for a chance to even the score.Placencia-assassins

The Bandits relentless attack soon proved its mettle 10 minutes into the half when flying forward Kervin Johnson arced a perfect shot into the middle for Jerome “Jarro” James to punch in to increase their lead to 2-0. The Assassins attempted to regain ground just minutes later but watched in dismay as another excellent shot caromed off of the cross bar.

Due to points, a draw would’ve given the Placencia Assassins the title but it was not in the cards as the Bandits successfully managed to fend off all attacks to end the match with a decisive 2-0 victory. A triumphant crowd roared as the Belmopan Bandits were crowned the PLB Champions of the 2015-2016 season.

In recognition of their dedication and success in this hard-fought season, the management and staff of Chabil Mar would like to congratulate the Placencia Assassins for their outstanding achievement of reaching the finals of the Belize Premier League.


Marie Sharp’s inducted into Hot Sauce Hall of Fame350

Posted on Sunday, May 8th, 2016

marie sharp belizeAt the fourth annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo, held in April 2016, Belizean legend Marie Sharp was formally inducted into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. Noted for being the “quintessential Central American hot sauce”, Marie Sharp’s signature brand of sauces began as a culinary experiment in her kitchen in 1980 and has since grown to become one of Belize’s leading exports.

After relatives and friends continued to clamor for more of Marie Sharp’s sauces, she began her small business in the Stann Creek District of southeastern Belize. Today, Marie Sharp’s line of signature sauces, jams and jellies have become one of Belize’s most recognizable icons and her products are exported throughout Central America, Europe, and the United States.

Still a friendly “Belize-sized” company, approximately two dozen employees work at the modern factory a few miles outside of Dangriga to produce hot sauces in different strengths, starting with mild and continuing to Belizean Heat, Beware, Fiery Hot and “No Wimps Allowed”.

Marie Sharp’s also produces a line of jams and jellies made from locally-grown fresh tropical fruits, with flavors that include banana, guava, mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut and orange. There’s even a red habanero jelly for aficionados of sweet jellies combined with a bit of heat.

Marie Sharp’s is also the premiere manufacturer of Belizean “season all”, a ubiquitous condiment made with annato that forms the backbone of the country’s cuisine. Annato is the seed commonly referred to as “achiote” in Spanish, a popular ingredient in Mexican and Caribbean foods because of its ability to add a warm golden color to dishes.

Chabil Mar, the premiere luxury resort on the Placencia Peninsula, offers guests an exclusive beachfront experience in tastefully appointed villas. The resort includes a bar and restaurant, with plenty of Marie Sharp’s delicious sauces and jellies on hand for guests to sample as well as dishes made with her signature season all Belizean spice.

On behalf of the staff and management of Chabil Mar, we congratulate Marie Sharp and all of her hardworking employees for their success in becoming one of Belize’s most popular and prosperous companies.