Simply Buckhead, Upscale Lifestyle Magazine Features Belize

Posted on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

placencia belize

Belize is currently being featured in the May edition of Simply Buckhead, an upscale lifestyle Magazine based in Atlanta, USA.

Simply Buckhead is the definitive resource for Atlanta’s most dynamic intown neighborhood with a commitment to journalistic excellence and serves as the authority on who to know, what to do and where to go in Buckhead and its surrounding communities.

The travel story titled “You Better Belize It” and written by Karina Timmel Antenucci can found on pages 24 & 25 of the May edition of the Magazine.

Antenucci writes about her exquisite Belize vacation which entails visiting the 78- acre Blancaneux Resort in the Mountain Pine Ridge, her adventure at the popular inland blue hole and St. Herman’s Cave, her visit exploring the ancient Maya City of Caracol, and her gastronomic experience of the scrumptious Belizean Rice and Beans.

Karina then shares her travel experience of the scenic drive on the humming bird highway and the time she spent in the charming village of Placencia.

Here is what she had to say about Placencia Village:

Placencia sits at the end of a narrow, 26- mile sandy peninsula, with one side a beach and the other side a lagoon and boat slips. We chose to stay at Chabil Mar Villas, 20 individually designed condos on the beach,with amenities like two pools and a private pier with lounge area. Its proximity (only a 10-minute beach walk or 3-minute drive) from Placencia Village made it a cinch to explore this beach town’s little tourist shops, eateries (don’t miss Ms. Brenda’s roadside jerk chicken or Rumfish y Vino’s Caribbean Fish Stew—I had it two nights in a row!) and to soak in the vibe.

There is one big must-do when in Placencia: Charter a boat and head out for a day on the sea. Explore the gorgeous little isles, such as Laughing Bird Caye, which are scattered all around and snorkel or scuba dive whenever possible to swim with whale sharks (don’t worry, they don’t bite), manta rays, sea turtles, parrot fish and more.

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How to Plan an Amazing Travel Adventure to Belize for Your Kids

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2015


Your kids deserve a break—especially if they make the school honor roll repeatedly, exhibit sportsmanship on the playground and remember to thank Grandma for her birthday check without being prompted. Your plans for a summer travel destination start with picking Chabil Mar in Placencia in Belize for your kid-friendly adventure (!

Get creepy and crawly. Your kids will want to meet Belize’s most exotic critters, so ask the folks at Chabil Mar to book your party on day trips that showcase the nation’s wildlife. No fair making decisions about where to go: let the kids decide whether they can’t live without seeing infamous howler monkeys, slithering crocodiles or gentle manatees. You know your kids. They’re going to say “Yes, please” to all of them, so ask staff to pick a knowledgeable guide to take you out so the kids can question him or her more expertly than a quiz show host.

Pair fun with learning. Emulate the family visiting the Garifuna village of Seine Bight who treated their kids to drumming lessons. Belizeans in Seine Bight are delighted to lead kids in some heart- and finger-pounding fun, and your children won’t have a clue that they are also learning about the area’s history and culture. Explore markets and let the kids pick a place to eat. If they refuse what’s served, remind them of who chose the venue!

Stay active. Thanks to Chabil Mar sports gear rentals you and your little travelers can explore all points in Placencia. Rent bikes for everyone, grab kayaks to accommodate your family group (both are free for guests, by the way) and devote plenty of time to the Chabil Mar pool and the ocean. Head for town after a full day on premises to explore eateries that expose your kids to ethnic cookery. If a child shows an interest in how food is prepared, ask the chef if your child can peek into the kitchen.

Experience the reef. You don’t have to snorkel if your kids are too little, but if they’re good swimmers and your guide is happy to help you with snorkeling instructions, your surprise vacation could turn into the most amazing experience of all when kids glimpse exotic and wonderful coral configurations that resemble planetary surfaces. Identifying fish species is another fun activity—particularly if you bring a kid’s book on tropical fish that focuses on the waters around Placencia. One warning: the occasional child has spotted lobsters in the wild and refused to eat one at the dinner table. More than one little vegetarian has been born at Chabil Mar!

Cave in to both of these requests: “Please, please, Dad, can we go caving?” and “Mom, let’s go to the jungle!” Both day trips are doable thanks to Chabil Mar adventure plans that take you and the kids to both environments on one- or multiple-day excursions. Jungles and caves are both close-by and can be paired with tours of ancient Mayan ruins that will evoke enthusiastic responses when the kids find out they could spot skeletons. Jungle trips can include swimming and caving as well. Need we add the ultimate kid-driven activity of cave tubing?

Snag this terrific deal: You are happy to let kids make decisions as teachable moments. Chabil Mar is happy to make your booking decisions by offering Barefoot Luxury Vacation Packages that do everything but spread jelly on your kids’ new meal favorite, Fry Jacks. The Barefoot package provides everything a family of four requires to holiday in the lap of luxury, including adventures described above. From luxe accommodations, partial meal plans, tours and ground transportation, taxes, service fees and more starting at $6,750 USD, this package is the deal of a lifetime. Your job is to herd the kids onto the plane. Our job is to do everything else so your entire family returns from Chabil Mar with a lifetime worth of memories.

For more information about traveling with kids in Belize , feel free to chat with our Concierge at: concierge{@} or contact our Reservations Manager at: reservations{@} Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-237


Where to travel for summer vacation in Belize

Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

where to travel for summer vacation in belize

Don’t let naysayers tell you that it’s too early to plan your summer vacation. They’re envious. Jealous, in fact. And too disorganized to follow your admirable lead! They’ll be particularly green when you explain that you’re heading for Belize, so make sure they’re forced to look at every one of the photos you snap upon your return!

Truth is, Belize in the summer is a gift you give yourself after a long year of work, listening to too much disturbing world news and juggling too many responsibilities, so because Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America, your brain is going to get the respite it deserves.

Consider this your planning guide as a precursor to allowing your hosts make all of your decisions once you arrive at the highly-recommended Chabil Mar Villas located just a stone’s throw from Placencia Village. Package customization is a specialty at Chabil Mar, so while there are no fast food restaurants in Belize, this resort took a page from a popular McDonald’s ad: Special orders don’t upset us!

Ask about four- and seven-night all-inclusives and you can shift your brain into auto pilot while having the time of your life (


-Dive and snorkel in a region that’s home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Your job? Show up. From guides and gear to picnic lunches and extras, staff at Chabil Mar will respond to your request for a diving and/or snorkeling package tailored to your taste, time and wallet. Ask to dive the Big Blue Hole if you’re feeling frisky.

-Drop back in time to see palaces, ball fields, temples and entire communities of Mayan ruins alongside a knowledgeable guide who can help you speculate why an entire civilization disappeared off the planet without a trace. Signature archaeologically-focused packages are a specialty at Chabil Mar.

-Even if you’ve explored caves in the past, Chabil Mar caving packages are unique because there are so many other activities associated with them. Book one and expect to be asked, “What kind of cave tour?” In Belize, you can swim, dive, tube, river cruise, spot wildlife, search for treasures and explore caves all on the same trip.

-There are jungles and there are jungles. Grab your opportunity to set off on day trips to all sorts of jungle environments to spot wildlife, observe birds, study plant life and explore the mysteries of jungle life. Ask to have waterfall and rock scaling locations added to your tour and if you haven’t had enough, there are more Maya ruins within jungles to be visited.

summer vacation in belize-From saltwater fly fishing to cruising lakes and rivers stocked with freshwater fish, pick your favorite and hold out your hand: the equipment you need will be handed over so you don’t lack a single tool to reel in your catch. You can even rent a private yacht and sprawl across the deck–after all, it’s your vacation package to personalize.

There’s more. Much more. But you have probably already spotted an adventure that’s just your style, so get moving now—before summer reservations at Chabil Mar are fully booked. You have to bring back those photos for your local naysayer, remember?

Be one with Belize, Chabil Mar and Placencia Village

Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2015

Belize, just two hours from the US in Central America on the Caribbean sea. Belize is a unique blend of pristine nature, diverse geography, Maya mystery, endless adventure and romance.

Be one with Placencia Village. A traditional fishing village, whose unique setting provides the perfect blend of activities, from flats and deep water fishing, exploring Maya archaeological sites, world class diving, snorkeling, birding, jaguar reserves and howler monkeys, all from one central location. Take a leisurely stroll down Placencia sidewalk, once called the world’s narrowest main street. Be immersed in Belize culture. Visit the many restaurants, gift shops, bakeries and home to Chabil Mar.

Chabil Mar, Maya for “Beautiful Sea”, is The Only Guest Exclusive Resort of Placencia. A private boutique resort of 19 Villas and 1 Honeymoon Suite and a stroll along the beach to Placencia Village (the closest full service resort to the Village).

At Chabil Mar each villa on this lushly landscaped property is uniquely designed and furnished, appointed with original artwork, and feature excellent views of the Caribbean from personal verandas. In addition, two infinity beach-side pools, nestled in lush tropical gardens, grace the property, along our 400 ft. of private beach and pier.

Intimate open-air al fresco beach-side dining at Café Mar or on our private pier is a hallmark of the Chabil Mar experience. Chabil Mar gives new meaning to table with a view. You choose:  The beach, your veranda, the pier, or a candlelit table beneath a black velvet star scattered sky? This is room service and al fresco dining re-defined! Our entire property is your kingdom; you choose where and when you will dine.

Privacy, luxury accommodations, access to all of Belize’s adventures, and our premier location all result in a one-of-a-kind “Barefoot Luxury” Resort adventure vacation.

Planning a destination wedding or honeymoon? As a boutique guest exclusive resort, we are uniquely positioned to create your dream destination wedding or honeymoon. Whether an intimate affair for the two of you or reserving the entire resort as your private oasis for just your guests and family, our on-site wedding planner is available to serve up that one-of-a-kind experience!

The unique setting of Placencia and Chabil Mar Resort provides the perfect blend of activities, from luxury to barefoot, modern amenities to local culture, adventure to romance.

Guest-Centric exclusive service in barefoot luxury, all just five minutes from Placencia Village in the World’s Best Kept Secret . . . Belize.

Tourism pioneer passes away

Posted on Friday, April 17th, 2015

On behalf of the Chabil Mar Family, we extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr Peter Tonti who passed away on April 16, 2015. Peter was a hard working trailblazer who played an instrumental role in contributing and developing tourism in Belize.unnamed

Below is the Belize Tourism Industry Association farewell to Mr. Tonti whose work in the tourism industry of Belize will never be forgotten.

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform you of the passing on April 16, 2015, of Mr. Peter Tonti.  Mr. Tonti was the CEO of Cahal Pech Village Resort and former 2nd Vice President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA).

Mr. Tonti arrived in Belize in the late 1970′s as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  After completing his term as volunteer, Mr. Tonti remained in Belize to work in Belmopan for the Reconstruction and Development Corporation, which built and operated the new capital of Belize before it had a municipal government. He later joined the Belmopan Convention Hotel in 1983.  From those early days, Peter saw the opportunity Belize held as a thriving tourism destination. He quickly became one of the pioneers at the forefront of the development of the Belize tourism industry.

Peter’s accomplishments and contributions for over the past 30 years are countless and immense. He rendered his service to the BTIA wholeheartedly from the inception of the Association as standing member, advisor and later as a Board Member.

As a true tourism professional, Peter’s passion and dedication for the sustainable growth of the tourism industry was always at the forefront. He participated as BTIA’s representative on various national committees including the most recent, on the Inter-American Development Bank’s Civil Society Consulting Group for Belize (on which he was still serving at the time of his passing), and on the Board of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) from 2010 – 2013. In addition to his vast contributions to the tourism industry, Mr. Tonti was also the Administrator at the Lodge at Chaa Creek for 15 years before joining the team at the Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio, Cayo District.

BTIA President, Mr. Osmany Salas says, “Peter Tonti will be greatly missed. Just a few months ago, he called me several times to persuade me to offer myself to serve as BTIA President. Peter was very persuasive and inspirational. You could sense his love for Belize in everything that he did. I am happy for having had the opportunity to know him. As a pioneer of the tourism Industry in Belize, Peter’s contribution will be felt for a very long time.”

On behalf of the BTIA President, Board of Directors, Staff and Members, we extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends. The details of his funeral services will be announced shortly.

Mr. Peter Tonti will be greatly missed!