Radio Station in Canada features Chabil Mar

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

CHQR, the leading news talk radio in Calgary, Alberta, included a segment recently about Chabil Mar in Placencia, Belize. Featured as part of their Informed Traveler show, host Randy Sharman spoke with Larry France, the marketing manager of Chabil Mar resort.

France spoke about the origins of Chabil Mar, first opening its doors in November 2005. Designed as a luxury resort, Chabil Mar was, right from the beginning, dedicated not just to hosting visitors but also introducing them to the cultures and lifestyle found in Belize. As a traditional fishing region, Placencia, Belize, is still a laid-back, relaxed area where locals and visitors alike love to stroll along the beach.

The Placencia Peninsula is a north-south narrow strip of land that measures approximately 16 miles long and just half a mile wide. With the feel and atmosphere of an island, the peninsula serves as the gateway to the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the majesty of the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

France was invited to Sharman’s popular travel show to discuss the recent announcement by low-cost carrier WestJet that it will be adding a brand new non-stop flight to Belize City from Calgary’s airport starting on November 3, 2017. The new route will be WestJet’s second Canada-Belize foray, having begun flying non-stop to Belize City from Toronto beginning in October 2016. Rival carrier Air Canada responded to WestJet’s success by adding its own Toronto-Belize flights that will begin on December 15, 2017.

“It was a true pleasure to be able to speak to Randy Sharman on the Informed Traveler show, introducing our resort to Albertans and residents of Western Canada who can now fly non-stop to Belize for the first time” said Larry France, marketing manager of Chabil Mar. “We look forward to welcoming Canadians to the beauty and wonder of Belize.”

The Informed Traveler is a weekly radio show on CHQR radio that also broadcasts on CKNW Newstalk 980 Vancouver. CHQR and CKNW are radio stations broadcasting on 770 owned by the Global News network, a division of Corus Entertainment, a company that owns 45 television channels and 39 radio stations in Canada as well as more than 38 media channels worldwide.

Chabil Mar is a multiple award-winning resort located on the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize. A perennial TripAdvisor favorite, Chabil Mar has luxuriously appointed beachfront villas and is conveniently located near all of the top attractions in the country.

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Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Review of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Plenty of natural reserves and parks are recognized by organizations, clubs and travel authorities because they’re home to species of wildlife and plants that can’t be found elsewhere, but the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) is that rare location where so much biodiversity exists within these environs, you might never have to visit another sanctuary to have your fill. Called a “magical place” of wonders and diversity by the World Wildlife Fund, Cockscomb is presently the world’s lone jaguar preserve, but if you visit, you’ll find wildcat, deer and taper tracks in addition to those left behind by these magnificent cats.
History: Concern for the viability of Belize’s jaguar population didn’t arise until the 1980s, when wildlife conservationists and government officials compared notes on the frequency of jaguar references found in hunting magazines. A graduate student was hired to estimate the jaguar population and he declared that the “highest density” of jaguars ever recorded were at the Cockscomb Basin. The government of Belize stepped in and declared the Basin a no-hunting forest reserve in 1984, but wildlife experts remained worried that this designation didn’t sufficiently protect jaguars and other wildlife, so that designation was upgraded to wildlife sanctuary in 1986.What you’ll see: If you expect to encounter nothing but four legged creatures while visiting this Belize hot spot, you’re in for a surprise. Majestic waterfalls, trails and mountain peaks are home to all sorts of creatures, including a splendid collection of neo-tropical birds. The reason this area is so hospitable has to do with the bounty of natural resources encouraging habitation. The South Stann Creek not only sustains wildlife but also protects the upper watersheds of river systems supplying water to the people of Belize. In fact, there’s just a sliver of land separating basins interconnected to the Swasey River and a Monkey River tributary, so the complex drainage system supports all manner of life in the region—including people!


Stick around: What’s the best way to experience Cockscomb? By staying on premises, of course. Cabins and campgrounds await, so whether you prefer a solid roof over your head or you never met a tent you didn’t like to sleep under, you can go to bed and awaken to the sounds of nature all around you. Be forewarned: this is a moist, tropical forest with high rainfall (around 100 inches annually), so if you can plan your visit in advance, cooler, dry air awaits between February and May. No matter when you come, you will be amazed when you witness this area’s ecological balance.

Getting there: It will take you time to hike area trails, identify exotic vegetation, and spot reptiles and amphibians residing in these wetlands because this area has expanded greatly since 1986. What was once 3,200 acres is now 128,000 acres and the surrounding corridor brings the protected area total to an impressive 250,000 acres. Take a bus, taxi or car to the sanctuary entrance where you will pay a modest entry fee. If you’re driving, travel the Southern Highway about 20 miles south of Dangriga. You must plunge deep into the forest to see the richest treasures and there’s a six-mile path to the epicenter of the sanctuary. Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to hike in, but expect the effort to pay off the moment you spot your first living creature!

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The Only Belize Weather Guide You’ll Ever Need

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

belize weather calendarIf it’s your habit to throw a dozen separates into a duffel bag and arrive at your airport departure gate just as the gangway is being removed, we salute you. You’re probably a spontaneous person who finds the process of packing tedious and bothersome. But let’s say you pack thoughtfully and you wouldn’t dream of choosing which articles of clothing to bring to Belize without first learning what temperatures to expect. We’ve got your year-round forecast, so packing for your tropical holiday will be a breeze.

Belize Weather in January
In case an infrequent shower at the end of the rainy season interrupts your Belize outings, relax. It won’t last long. Getting a little wet is part of the Belize experience as you think of friends battling snow and ice back home! Tote a light poncho and you’re good to go. January temperatures run about 70-degrees F at night and max out at around 80-degrees F by day.

Belize Weather in February
If you crave the same weather January visitors enjoyed—from 70- to 80-degrees F—you’ll love visiting in February. This month officially launches “the dry season,” so you can leave that rain gear home if you like and use the space in your luggage for more sunscreen, an extra pair of flip-flops and a Valentine.

Belize Weather in March
If it rains in March, Belize weathercasters are quick to apologize because it’s not typical. Days and nights are usually crystal clear and slightly warmer, so bring clothing appropriate for between 74- and 83-degrees F temperatures. Nights are so delightful, you won’t need a sweater, but if you find a charming wrap at a local market, snap it up!

Belize Weather in April
Because Belize is a chill-out destination, it may come as no surprise that this time of year has several nicknames. Call it the “Green Season” or refer to infrequent showers as “Iguana Rains”—your call. Love puddle jumping? Do it fast, ’cause the sun will be back out in minutes. Temperatures in April, by the way, range from 76- to 85-degrees F.

Belize Weather in May
As spring settles in, you’ll notice a gradual temperature increase to between 79-degrees at night to 87-degrees by day in Belize. The rain gods are kind in May: The occasional nighttime thunderstorm or early morning shower will likely find you abed at Chabil Mar, where soft sheets, gorgeous suite appointments and a tropical breakfast get all five of your senses off to a relaxing day.

Belize Weather in June
There’s a smaller range of temperature fluctuations throughout Belize in June—between 82- and 86-degrees—so you can dress for the entire day in the morning. Enjoy easterly breezes on your Chabil Mar veranda. Afternoon showers could interrupt a plan or two, but if you’ve settled into a Belize state of mind, you’ll shrug them off—especially if you nab early season rate reductions.

Belize Weather in July
When your nearest and dearest complain about heat waves back home, you may find it irresistible to let them know that Belize nighttime temperatures are around 79-degrees F. Morning rains are so cooling, they will help you transition into your plans for an outdoor adventure like diving the Belize reef. Wear as little as you like (within reason) during the month of July. You’ll find it liberating!

Belize Weather in August
Mother Nature is very predictable: she shifts those easterly sea breezes away from Belize in August, replacing them with drier winds, which is how the nickname “Little Dry” was picked to describe the month. If temperatures dip to 78-degrees F after an 86-degree F day, that lightweight wrap will come in handy.

Belize Weather in September
As the Green Season moves into September, temperatures dip to 77-degrees F at night, so dodging early morning showers is no big deal. Anticipate sunny days filled with fun and festivals as Belize celebrates its independence throughout September. Wear an outrageous costume at Carnival in Belize City to be an official part of the fun!

Belize Weather in October
Northerly winds bring bountiful rainfall and temperatures drop to 75-degrees F by night. Daytime highs of 84-degrees F are ideal for taking tours and outings. Should an unexpected storm blanket the Maya Mountains, repair to Chabil Mar’s Kaleidoscope Bar where a tightly-woven thatch roof, new friends and the perfect Mojito will keep you dry and happy until the rain passes.

Belize Weather in November
This is the month dreams come true in Belize: Summer visitors are gone, there’s room to stretch out, and if you seek solitude on a budget, you won’t find more generous price breaks. Chabil Mar offers discounts in November and since the resort dresses up for Thanksgiving, come late in the month, reserve a large suite for your family and expect to find turkey on the restaurant’s menu!

Belize Weather in December
Temperatures? Heavenly. Crowds? Not if you come early in December. Swim or snorkel the day away in 80-degree F weather. Cuddle at night when temps drop to around 71-degrees F. Whether your goal is an unforgettable Christmas, you’re auditioning retirement locations or you want to see for yourself why Belize has become so popular, visiting in December will be the gift you give yourself.

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Why Visiting Belize in 2018 Should Top Your Must-Do List!

Posted on Monday, October 16th, 2017

belize summer vacationWhy Belize is worth visiting in 2018

Is it too early to start planning next year’s escape? Of course not! Belize is a hot destination for myriad reasons and to attract even more visitors, the nation will roll out a giant welcome mat next year for newcomers and return visitors. Reasons you’ll want to visit in 2018 are courtesy of Mother Nature, airliners, attractions and resorts like Chabil Mar Villas  where hosts love showing off their hospitality.

Come for the weather

summer in belizeNo matter which month in 2018 you decide to make Belize your relaxation epicenter, temperatures will be consistent, averaging 88 degrees but dipping down to 70 at night in some seasons. One small suitcase can get you through a longish vacation if you pack right!

Come for the whale sharks

whale sharks in belizeArrange your 2018 calendar smartly to be on hand for Belize’s annual whale shark sightings near Gladden Spit. You can dive with them if you like or just watch friends frolic with these giants between March and June. Your diving adventure begins at the Chabil Mar booking desk.

Come for the rates

11208020_1616878608554980_1486141054_nOne of the reasons visiting Belize has become so popular has to do with the graduated rate structures offered by resorts throughout the country. In low season, discounts are as prevalent as colorful fish on the Belize Barrier Reef, so if you holiday on a budget, a 2018 visit won’t ruin yours!

Come for the Maya ruins

lamanai belize maya ruins siteVestiges of Mayan civilizations are scattered across Belize like stars in the sky, so if you’ve put off visiting sacred sites, what are you waiting for? Chabil Mar staff can set you up with as many Mayan ruin tours as your time allows.

Come for the flights


Once upon a time, direct flights to Belize were infrequent, but thanks to heavy demand, a number of airlines such as SouthWest, WestJet, Air Canada, American Airlines, now serves Belize City, as do other major U.S. carriers. If you originate in Panama, catch a short Copa Air flight and you’ll be up and down before you can say 2018.

Come for the fishing

belize fishing vacationsEven the unluckiest of amateur fishermen have been known to strike it rich in the waters off Belize. Take a photo of your catch before you hand it off to the chef at Chabil Mar who will prepare it for you with a tropical flourish.

Come for the sailing

11695959_496381550520784_6276947026619079394_nIf 2018 is the year you’ve committed to ridding your life of stressors, set sail for relaxing time on Caribbean waters as you feel your blood pressure numbers drop. Hire the boat that meets your criteria and even picnics will be provided!

Come for adventure

10982040_496616377163968_674360294809811336_nWhich adventure, you ask? Select from excursions and day trips posted on the Chabil Mar website menu or customize your plan to fill every hour of your 2018 holiday with nature walks, jungle exploration, cave tubing, wildlife discoveries, zip lining and much more.

Come for the romance

belize honeymoonPrioritize Belize when making 2018 plans for romantic getaways including honeymoons. Intimate gardens, beaches and guestrooms so lavishly appointed, they redefine the term honeymoon suite await couples at Chabil Mar. You might even qualify for discounted rates during low season so you start your life together on a thrifty note.

Come for your wedding

Destination weddings in Belize are so trendy, resorts like Chabil Mar have designed different types of celebrations so couples enjoy exactly the type of wedding they dream about. Whether you desire a beach, garden or under-roof event, 2018 is your year to start your married life off right here in paradise!

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Escape the Winter Up North…and Head for Belize!

Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2017

The holiday season is a time for family, feasting, and plenty of good cheer, but it’s never any fun having to deal with cold, ice, and snow. That’s why the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation this holiday season is Belize, a small Caribbean country just 2-5 hours’ flying time from the United States.

Located just south of Mexico’s famous Yucatan Peninsula, Belize enjoys warm sunshine and beautiful weather all year-long. It may be winter on the calendar, but in Belize, the holiday season is a time for enjoying the great outdoors, walking along a beach, taking a swim, or perhaps catching a glimpse of one of the more than 500 bird species that have been spotted in the country. Even if the nights get a bit “chilly” (75 degrees Fahrenheit), one thing is for certain – you’ll never, ever see it snow in Belize.

But Belize is more than just great weather and sunny skies. It’s a natural wonderland where plants and animals far outnumber people. The mainland is a cornucopia of lush rainforests, verdant jungle, misty mountaintops, and stunning waterfalls inhabited by a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Belize is home to parrots, macaws, and toucans as well as monkeys, enormous harpy eagles, and five different big cat species, including the jaguar, once revered by the ancient Maya as a sacred animal of the gods.

The ancient Maya called Belize home, the heartland of their vast civilization that once covered all of Central America. Today, Belize is home to more ancient Maya sites than anywhere else, including the colossal cities of Caracol and Xunantunich and spectacular caves like Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) that were used by the ancient priests to perform human sacrifices.

Offshore, Belize has more than 100 islands, the perfect place to enjoy world-class diving, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing.

One of the best places to experience Belize at its best is the Placencia Peninsula. Located on the southeastern coast of the country, the Placencia Peninsula is 16 miles of golden sand beaches, beautiful views of the Caribbean, and close access to all the top attractions in the country, including the offshore reef and wildlife sanctuaries on the mainland.Chabil Mar is a multiple award-winning resort featuring luxurious villas, a lush tropical garden, a gourmet restaurant, and a complete range of modern amenities. Chabil Mar is a perennial TripAdvisor favorite and is the perfect place to stay for families, honeymooners, and adventure travelers.

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